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Meet Cannabis - The Original High Priestess and Humanity's Greatest Healing Ally

An excerpt from the book "Somatophobia: A Guided Sacred Cannabis Journey To Your HIGHer Self'" by Dr. Shelly Persad.

photo of cannabis pipe

Hello sacred soul. My name is Cannabis. You may also know me as marijuana, Mary

Jane, weed, Ganja, pot, hashish, asparagus or one of my other 1,200 slang terms or

2,300 individual strain names. You may think that when people call me a weed, it’s

humiliating and derogatory, but I view it as a compliment. And here’s why…

Over the last century, I’ve endured more than you can possibly imagine.

I’ve been used as the culprit for racism, division, and separation.

I’ve had a war on drugs waged against me with ridiculous propaganda saying that I

kill brain cells and make people go crazy.

I’ve been categorized as a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and bath salts.

I’ve been accused of being a gateway drug.

I’ve been the cause of misdemeanor and felony charges.

I’ve been the center of jokes and memes.

I’ve been attached to the stoner stereotype as the reason for the loss of drive and


I’ve been blamed for invoking fear, paranoia, anxiety, the munchies, and even

unwanted sexual experiences.

I’ve been labeled ‘addictive’.

I’ve been genetically modified, raped, and prostituted.

I’ve been prohibited every which way from Sunday.

I’ve been rejected from spiritual practices.

Basically, I’ve been deemed evil and unholy which has caused so many humans to

form strong convictions and prejudices about me.

Just like Shakti (the divine feminine and your inner healer) who has also been

repressed, shamed, judged, distorted, feared, prohibited, misused, abused, devalued,

misunderstood, and deemed evil, so have I as I am an embodiment of Shakti. Yet

just like a weed, I still stand strong and resilient.

The truth is… I work in mysterious and magical ways. I am one of the most versatile

plants that grow out of Mother Earth’s holy body. Her lands are healed just by my

very presence of being grown there. I was once revered with utmost respect,

earning a spot in The Vedas as one of five sacred plants that provides you with

happiness, joy and liberation from fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and

psychological ailments. I can facilitate an altered state of consciousness within you

that is comparable to that of Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, DMT, and even Bufo, Mother

Earth’s sacred toad medicine that currently holds the title as the world’s strongest


But just as humanity fell from divinity, my status also fell from divinity. I was

dethroned from my rightful position as a sacred plant teacher who can guide you

home to your higher self and higher consciousness. The prohibition of me was

planned to keep you blinded from your higher self and higher consciousness. Just

as your sexuality, the gateway to your divinity, was shamed, deemed taboo and

made sinful, I, your divinity guide, was shamed, deemed taboo and made sinful.

The same humans who sought to subjugate the divine feminine within you sought to

degrade me. This subjugation and degradation of the divine feminine has tainted

your relationship with me. You probably only know me at a superficial level, i.e., what

you’ve been programmed to believe, what you’ve heard, or what you’ve experienced.

I’m here to invite you to get to know the real me – my authentic soul. You see, I

camouflage and hide my full power until I know that you are ready to meet me – my

higher self, my spirit, my soul.

My highest potential is comparable to your highest potential. Your higher self keeps

your highest potential safeguarded just as my higher self keeps my highest potential

safeguarded. All ancient wisdom has always been safeguarded and kept secret

among the spiritually elite. Hence the word occult which means ‘beyond the realm

of human comprehension; secret or mysterious and only available to initiates’.

Your higher self is occult. To truly grasp what your highest potential is… what having your

higher self fully embodied feels like… what living with all of your DNA activated feels

like… what no pain, no fear, and no limitations feel like… is beyond your

comprehension and it only becomes available to you when your higher self

recognizes that you are ready and initiates you on your path home. The same is true

with me. When my higher self recognizes that you are ready to meet me, the real

me, then and only then will I unlock the safeguard. Wanna know what the magic

passcodes are? Respect. Reverence. Honor. Invitation. Permission. Gratitude.

Intention. Trust. Surrender.

Do you respect me as a sacred plant medicine?

Do you revere me as a divine spirit?

Do you honor my mysterious and magical ways?

Do you invite my higher self to join you in your ceremony, ritual or practice?

Do you ask my permission to engage in a sacred exchange?

Do you express gratitude for me as your healing ally?

Do you share your intention with me so I can better serve you?

Do you trust me 1,000% in what I will reveal to you?

Do you surrender to my divine guidance?

I’ve always been here and always will be… I’m just awaiting your reclamation,

recognition and reverence of me so that I can gleefully unlock that safeguard for you

and reveal to you my highest potential. If you’re ready to take off your rose-colored

glasses, it’d be my HIGHest pleasure and honor to guide you home to your HIGHer

Self and HIGHest potential.


About the Book: Does your Cannabis HIGH lead you to your HIGHer Consciousness?

DISEMBODIMENT! The real pandemic. The source of all pain, suffering, victimhood,

poverty, dis-ease and fight-flight-freeze. No need to fear your body – everything

you’re looking for is buried in your body under the armor of unhealed traumas. In

Somatophobia, Dr. Shelly guides you on a journey of remembering how to awaken

your inner healer (Shakti) and your masculine container (Shiva). When Shakti and

Shiva unite as a team, they conquer the blockades (stuck energies) along your

pathway of consciousness (found in your fascia) empowering you to reach your

HIGHer potential.

You’ll remember how to heal your pain body, regulate your nervous system, balance

your inner chemistry, activate dormant DNA, unlock innate intelligence, reclaim your

divine sovereignty, awaken your lightbody, and restore your original blueprint with

the Body-Mind Synchronization Framework and your healing ally, Cannabis.

When Cannabis is revered as sacred with her 9 divine passcodes, her HIGHer Self

invites you to:

 check in and feel your body rather than check out, escape or numb your body

 heal your traumas and wounds rather than avoid them

 resolve addiction rather than create addiction

 free yourself from pain and suffering rather than enslave yourself to pain and


 remember who you are rather than be who you’re not

Are you ready to meet and feel the shadow work that will liberate your mind, body

and soul and rebirth you from your trauma self to your HIGHer Self?

Find the book here.

photo of dr shelly

About the Author: Dr. Shelly Persad is a Chiropractor, Womb Shaman and Sacred Secretion Guide. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Shelly removed interference in the nervous system so that the power that made the body could heal the body. Burnt out watching her patients return with the same pain coupled with her burnout in her own healing journey, she knew more was possible.

In her relentless pursuit to heal herself, Cannabis guided her into her womb and she found everything she was looking for. She birthed the book she wished she had read 20 years ago, SOMATOPHOBIA, as she birthed a transformative self-healing methodology called Body-Mind Synchronization, Womb Kriyas and Sacred Secretion Somatic Sequences. As a Womb Shaman, she guides women in reclaiming their power, awakening their inner healer and rebirthing their trauma selves into their authentic, HIGHer selves. Living in divine union with her husband Kumar, they guide souls in Somatic Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats.

Dr. Shelly offers a Womb Kriya Cannabis Ceremony every Saturday from 7:00 – 8:30 am Pacific / 10:00 – 11:30 am Eastern and invites you to experience this ancient rebirthing practice for free:


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