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Submission Guidelines for Guest Articles

1. Submission: To ensure that the topic you wish to write about resonates with the ethos, values and mission of WOOP, please submit your pitch to us at in the following format. (All continuing correspondence should continue in the same email thread after.)



Summary: (# of words)

How it relates to WOOP’s mission: 

Estimated first draft completion date: 

**Category: Please indicate if what you are writing about is a personal experience, opinion-based, belief-based, or research-based. 


Your Bio: One paragraph describing yourself and your work 

Your Photo: A clear photograph of yourself (in either landscape or portrait) for the author section of the piece. 

Your social media: Please provide links to all your social media handles.


2. First Draft: Once you have submitted your overview and gotten your Article approved by the WOOP team, it’s time to start writing! The piece needs to be submitted via Google docs to enable our content editors to edit efficiently. Please share the Google doc with us via a link (in the original email thread). 


3. Revision: We will promptly get back to you with any changes or feedback our editors have. It is then time to polish up your article! With your own timeline in mind, set a deadline for completion. When you are done, please reply to the WOOP team (in the original email thread) to let us know when you have finished with your revisions. WOOP retains the final rights to edit and will schedule your article for publication.


4. Images: Every piece on WOOP’s platform uses images. This makes the content more interesting, accessible and appealing to readers. We will need about 3 images per piece (in the original email thread). Please provide images in landscape format, and include descriptions of your photos, as well as credits attribution for the photographer or artist. If you are unable to provide any images, please inform us and we will take care of sourcing for images.


5. Ethics and language: At WOOP, it is important for us to ensure that our content is ethically, culturally and politically mindful. Here are some guidelines to help you when you are writing your piece: 


● Originality: A principal factor in creating ethical content is originality. Remember to give credit where credit is due. Articles published on WOOP should not be duplicated elsewhere, and your choice to contribute to our platform comes with that agreement. If you have a personal blog or website, please viewpoint 8 below.

● Message and Tone: Much of the media is shaped around the western gaze and colonial narratives within it. We strive to provide a platform for underrepresented voices and will do our best to erase biases, judgments and hierarchies. We ask that you remain conscious of the language you use to describe cultures, people, and practices that are not your own. Additionally, we will not tolerate language that is derogatory, demeaning, disrespectful, or inflammatory.

8. Ownership: You retain full ownership of the article you created. As previously mentioned, duplicated content is penalized by Google, hence republication will be detrimental to all parties. You will be able to republish the article in your own Medium account under the WOOP Medium publication 2 weeks after the initial publication date. 


If you make repeated writing contributions to WOOP, you can be added to our team page. For this, we will need a paragraph about you and why you joined the WOOP team, as well as a headshot in landscape format.

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