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Our mission is to empower and connect women worldwide on their personal journeys of self-discovery and healing. Central to the work we do is the creation of safe and supportive spaces for women to bravely explore the mindful use of psychedelics without judgment.



From two friends' passion project to a global community

After volunteering together for a mushroom farm in the Netherlands during the pandemic in 2020, Jess and Tian felt that not enough was available online on psychedelics for women. So they started using their free time to create this platform in hopes of raising women's voices in the psychedelic space and bringing more educational content through a female lens.



Collaborating and raising women's voices

Little by little, women from all over the world reached out and have played a crucial role in the growth of our platform. We are grateful for the countless collaborations and volunteer work that have helped us get to where we are today. 


Creating safe space for women's self-expression

Women on Psychedelips is committed to connection and community, fostering a culture of holistic healing and authentic self-expression for empowered female autonomy. Our mission is centered around ensuring access to psychedelic education, harm reduction, and safe spaces for women globally. We aim to empower women of diverse backgrounds with the essential tools to safely and responsibly maneuver through their psychedelic experiences. 


Image by Shane Rounce

At the heart of Women On Psychedelics (WOOP) is an approach that honors the interconnected trinity of our existence – body, mind, and spirit – delving into the profound and intricate connections between self-expression, self-acceptance, and heightened self-awareness.


Our F.E.M. approach is structured around three core elements: Feel, Move, and Express. These form the basis for personal growth and support across various dimensions of life, empowering women to take an integrated path to healing and transformation.

Feel: This foundational element is the bedrock of our self-discovery and healing journey. Engaging with our emotions unlocks a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and valuable lessons. As we navigate our emotional landscape, we cultivate greater self-awareness and forge a more profound connection with our inner selves. 


Express: This second element reinforces the power of communication, both with our self and with others. It celebrates our unique individuality and the expression of ourselves – our inner truths, desires, and experiences – in authentic ways. Embrace the freedom and fluidity found in creative expression through words, arts, music, or any other chosen medium of expression. 

Move: This final element encompasses the physical embodiment of our life experiences. This invites us to tap into the wisdom of our bodies through dynamic action and somatic release. Using physical movement to find a sense of safety in the body and navigate the spectrum of life with greater ease.


At WOOP, we recognize and honor every sacred aspect of our multidimensional existence. Every part of our selves, whether loved or despised, is integral to the whole of our being. We encourage women to uncover and explore these intersections to understand their unique selves more fully. The dynamic relationship between these foundational elements lays out an expansive terrain for self-discovery, empowerment, and interconnectedness.  

Meet the Team

We are a growing group of passionate women dedicated to promoting the safe and responsible use of psychedelics. Get to know a little bit more about each of us!

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