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A Life By Design: 30-Day Microdosing Challenge

I know we all doubted whether we would make it out of 2020 alive and/or sane. But we stepped into 2021, and we are alive, a bit tired, overwhelmed, but hopeful that we can regain some control over our lives and make sense of it and feel like we fully lived this year.

If you’ve read my previous article, you know that my biggest 2020 lesson was learning how to make lemonade out of all the lemons that were thrown at me. So, I'd like to share with you all this newfound knowledge and how I got a grip on my life, regained a sense of control when the world was collapsing, and designed a life I love.

Microdosing was a big part of the life transformation I had and I thought I’d share with all of you some of the lessons I’ve learned from it. The best way to do it was to create a 30-day microdosing challenge.

The goal of the challenge is to learn and practice small, but powerful daily habits that paired with microdosing will have a high impact on your mental, physical and emotional wellness and can improve your baseline of life. ⁠

One thing I’ll mention is that microdosing is a tool that facilitates the change you want to bring in your life, but it won't do it for you. So, learning how to use this tool effectively and how to pair it with other practices will be an important part of this challenge. ⁠

The next 30-day challenge focuses on learning and practicing small but powerful daily habits that impact your body, your mind and rewire your brain (this is neuroscience, and I love it).

draw mushrooms girl
Artwork by @becca_reitz

Here is how the 30-day challenge is broken down

Week 1: We'll learn about ourselves, we’ll get to observe how we feel in certain situations, and we will take notes about emotions, reactions, impulses in different situations.

We will also learn the basics of changing our habitual actions and what kind of daily actions can change our neurochemistry that can lead to long-term changes in our behaviors, attitudes, and overall wellness. These will be the foundational blocks we will be building on during the upcoming weeks.

Week 2: During this week, we will dive into Deep Focus. Staying focused is not just sheer will, it's your superpower that can be manipulated and used to your advantage. We will be diving deep into this topic and we will practice some new daily techniques that are meant to increase your focus.

Week 3: During this week we will dive into Deep Relaxation. Did you know that neuroplasticity and rewiring your brain happens while we relax or sleep deeply? This is a crucial skill you need to master if you want to really change your life.

Week 4: During this last week we will bring together everything we've learned during the previous weeks and start designing the life you love. Yes! It will be this simple because bringing in new habits that transform your body and your mind is a daily practice that has a compounding effect on the quality of your life.

During this week, you'll have the chance to be creative, to live in the land of possibilities where greatness awaits for you.

So, get ready! Get excited! And join us!

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