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zo 07 jul



Our Sacred Cycle

An Embodied Journey Through the Seasons and Menstrual Cycle

Our Sacred Cycle
Our Sacred Cycle

Time & Location

07 jul 2024, 12:30 – 15:30

Amsterdam, Nieuwendammerkade 24F, 1022 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event

Join Us for "Our Sacred Cycle": An Embodied Journey Through the Seasons and Menstrual Cycle Experience the Flow: Immerse yourself in a guided, ritualistic journey through the phases of your menstrual cycle. Embrace the rhythms of letting go, resting, turning inward, rejuvenating, expanding, and fertilizing. Deepen Connection: Discover a safe space to deepen your relationship with your cycle. Gain insights that strengthen your connection to your body, bringing love and curiosity to its wisdom. Tea Ceremony and Sharing Circle: Begin with a tea ceremony with a brew from a synergy of traditional women's wellness herbs, and sharing circle. Illuminate your relationship with your menstrual cycle, share stories, challenges, and questions, and set intentions. Learn from each other in a healing and empowering environment. Cycle Charting and Lore: Dive into cycle charting, menstrual cycle phases, and cyclical living. Reclaim your moon cycle as a source of feminine wisdom, strength, and power. Receive Cycle Chart to take home. Ritual Ceremonial Space: Together, we will journey through movement, inner exploration & music. Enjoy a guided journey. Connect with womb wisdom, cosmic and earth energies, and birth new insights and connections. Artistic Integration: Ground your experience with playful artistic expression, translating your journey into colors and forms. Who Is This For?

Women new to feminine mysteries and seeking a deeper, experiential dive. Familiar with cycle charting, seeking to deepen your connection within a sisterhood. Experiencing disconnection, painful menses, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, irregular cycles, or using hormonal contraceptives. This space is for women with or who have had a uterus. Join us to explore holistic and ritualistic practices, and natural medicines, and deepen your connection to your seasonal and hormonal flow. Embrace Your Sacred Cycle. Reclaim Your Feminine Power. About the facilitator: Catriona is an international facilitator of women's spaces & ritual spaces, curating this offering from her 10 years of experience in this world of cyclical living, womb activation & healing through deep listening and gentle ancient practices such as tao-tantric arts. She moved to Holland last year from Thailand and has been enjoying being part of the team at the Ode aan de Yoni Festival which has offered her a bridge into the warmth & beauty of Dutch sisterhood. Get your ticket at This event is done in collaboration with Women On Psychedelics (WOOP).

Price: Sunrise bird until 30/06 €34.80 Moon rise bird €44.80

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