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Heart Circles: Foundational Series

Learn the Art of Relational Spirituality in this series, brought to you by WOOP and Kasia Patzelt.

Heart Circles: Foundational Series
Heart Circles: Foundational Series

Time & Location

02 mei 2024, 19:00 – 06 jun 2024, 21:00

Amsterdam, Domselaerstraat 110, 1093 MA Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event

Ever wonder why we still struggle in relationships regardless of how much work we do on ourselves? Or why we don’t feel safe to fully show up in a group?


It’s simple.


Most of our wounds come from relationships, hence it’s only logical that those wounds can only be healed in relationships. This does not mean that others are responsible for our healing, but they serve as the mirror that is needed.


Circle work and the language of HeartIQ offer a safe container to explore, digest and release what holds us back – it is most often the wound of core-unworthiness – to feel fully safe and ourselves whilst in the presence of others. 

In Heart Circles everyone is encouraged to track their experience in the present moment and to trust their instinct when sharing their truth, even while expressing less comfortable or flattering emotions. The focus is not on the story and content, but on our relationship to it, as well as how present and without judgment we can be. 

In this 6 week foundational series, you will experience what it’s like to be held and deeply nourished by a group. Through the agreements of authenticity, curiosity, vulnerability, presence and loving kindness you will learn:

-    The language to navigate the challenges of human relating with mastery

-    Somatic tracking

-    How to transform your triggers into medicine

-    How to regulate your nervous system while within a group

-    Learn how to speak your truth so that it lands

-    How to share your vulnerability while staying embodied

-    Digest your core unworthiness together

-    Experience the joy of being seen, heard, and felt by the other

-    Practice the art of attunement

-    How to honour your capacity

-    Share challenging things like judgments and withholds with the other

-    How to transform judgments into more intimacy

-    Release past traumas

-    Bring your shadow to the light

We require a minimum of 6 people to begin this course. All are welcome.

About Kasia 

Over the last 20 years, Kasia has travelled extensively around the world exploring everything to do with healing and personal growth: from bodywork, meditation, counselling, entheogens to breathwork and finally Circlework. Each step of the way has been another puzzle piece in the grand mystery of how we transform our darkness into light and open up to more love. But it was only when she was introduced to HeartIQ that she truly understood how limited individual practice can be unless we live it in our relationships. And that means going beyond politeness into the parts that are scared of fully being seen by another, warts and all. It is her biggest teacher and fuels her passion to bring this to as many people as possible to co-create an authentic human reality. 

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